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Water fast – Australia 2014

Jul 29 2014

This Spring during our amazing Australia’s adventure we undertook 12 day of pure water fast at the Arcadia Health Centre.

Specifically trained in lifestyle, fasting and rational care, Dr. Alec and Dr. Nejla Burton have been the professionals behind this unique, world-leading facility since 1961! In their experience,

– helps the body heal itself more efficiently.
– provides total physiological and mental rest.
– rejuvenates and restores the self-healing properties of our bodies.
– supports the treatment of inflammations, asthma, autoimmune
diseases, high blood pressure, circulatory problems, migraine,
digestive problems, obesity, eating disorders, chronic fatigue,
post-menopausal syndrome, and psychological conditions.

Our fast took 12 days. We only drank water for the first 8 days, before introducing fruit, cooked vegetables, nuts, and rice in the diet.

were a glowing skin, improved metabolism, clarity of mind, weight loss, and no sign of food allergies. Plus a deeper sense of taste, and an even bigger appreciation of natural, wholesome food.

It has been a great, life changing and educative experience for us, and we think that everyone should give it a go at least once in their lifetime. Thank you, Dr. Alec and Dr. Nigela for your guidance and support.
You are truly inspirational couple!

Please go to or contact us to find out more about our experience. The books we recommend are:
“Fasting and Eating for Health” Joel Fuhrman
“Fasting can save your life” Herbert M.Shelton