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Oct 06 2014


“Digest your stress” with Biodynamic Massage

Oct 31 2012

This month I would like to write a bit about one of my favourite treatments that I have been practicing and receiving for some time now.


This gentler form of massage is based on the principle that there is a physiological ability of our digestive system not only to digest food but to digest our stress too.

Biodynamic massage aims to stimulate those abilities.

What is unique to this treatment is the use of the stethoscope to listen to the sounds of the intestines while massaging. Those sounds are the indication of how the body is responding to the therapist touch.

Different techniques are used in this treatment depending on the person’s needs but the key to it’s effectiveness is the touch and the contact that is sensitive and caring.

Biodynamic Massage can help with:

Dealing with stress and pressure of modern life
Digestive problems
Emotional stress such as anxiety and depression
Lack of confidence
The joy of sensing the body and being alive
And more…..

My own experience of Biodynamic Massage varies from physical relaxation to a deeper sense of calm, clarity, ease and feeling connected.

If you would like to find out more check

If you would like to try biodynamic masssage you can see me at Biodynamic Massage Clinic at London School of Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy or simply book a visit at your place.

Gift vouchers !!!

Dec 19 2011

It is a time of the year again when most of us enjoy giving and making others happy even more then ever.

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Have a cosy Christmas and an energizing New Year !!!

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Hello And Welcome

Oct 20 2011

Hello there and welcome to our new website! We haven’t written any articles yet as we’ve just moved in but please come back soon and check again. Thanks…