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Tone Up for Summer at Bootcamp Pilates

May 08 2012

Warm weather is just around the corner and we’re all racing to get our dream bodies in time for the summer wardrobe to do itself justice. Well here’s a studio that will help you win that race with flying colours. Bootcamp Pilates London have newly refurbished studios in Notting Hill, Hoxton, Fulham, and Richmond, and are offering a discounted rate if you buy your package before May 14!

After frequenting many different pilates studios over the years, Bootcamp Pilates is one of my front runners due to its unique personable and intimate atmosphere that is definitely motivating. Bootcamp Pilates was one of the first studios to use the machine known as the ‘Reformer’, a system of springs, straps and pulleys which all work together to provide an effective, no-impact stretching, toning and aligning workout.

They offer private as well as group classes, all bookings are online, and the first class is free! For bookings and more information, check out their website at

Also, we’d like to make a special thanks to Alison at the Notting Hill studio for her collaboration with In Motion Massage!