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Barre Core – an intelligent workout

Feb 04 2015

New BC Kensington Studio

New BC Kensington Studio

Working progress - with my lovely client Anne and the amazing Chrissy Sundt

Working progress – with my lovely client Anne and the amazing Chrissy Sundt

Where the change happens

Yes, the long-anticipated launch of new BarrecoreKENSiNGTON had my local clients and I ecstatic. Given the lovely Niki Rein’s fast pace and stamina, it’s no wonder a new studio is opening every few months.

Barre workout has been part of my life from the moment I stepped into the Physique 57 studio in Beverly Hills. It was during one of my trips around California, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I hoped to find a place in London that would let me carry on.

Back home in the summer of 2013, I was lucky to hear from one of my clients about the first BarreCHELSEA studio and I decided to give it a try. This was the beginning of a completely new attitude towards training.

Barre classes are all about strength and grace. It’s a workout of high-intensity and low impact which focuses on the small muscle group. Each session will help you to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body. Be prepared to shake and as that’s “where change happens.” Looking through the eyes of a therapist it makes complete sense. It’s definitely one of the top forms of exercise I’ve come across.

Today, the roster includes a myriad exciting classes – my favourite being barreMIX followed by BarreSTRETCH (such a great combination) and finally BarreCARDIO – which is a fun alternative to the treadmill. There are online classes too so no excuse to skip the work out even if you’re a miles away.

The atmosphere at all of BC studios is great. Each person on the team is friendly, supportive, yet very demanding whilst pushing me to the limits.

Final thoughts on BC… You don’t need a ballet background or previous experience, but what you do need is stamina and grippy socks!

See you at the Barre…!

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